Service Packages

  • Virus scans using Windows Defender, or Norton Endpoint Protection.
  • Full hardware and software maintenance.
  • Yearly hardware maintenance of your workstations and servers included.
  • Backup service available with all packages.

Our service packages are built to fit your company's needs. They are tailored to offer better hourly rates and have the flexibility that you will need to service all your computers or phones (VOIP).

How does it work? Each month you get a set of hours to use for service or maintenance. You can use the time during any scheduled service or emergency service. Time is calculated in 15-minute intervals. Overages are calculated at the end of each month. Some packages can be extended to quarterly billing for a combination of hours if your company requires more time one month over another. We can customize most packages to your company needs.

Any unused hours are rolled over to the next month. No hours are wasted.

Please feel free to contact one of our techs for more details.

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