Network Installations - B2B



Wiring for a new office or an existing one. We travel to your location and can supply a full solution to your network needs.

Cable Installation, Router Management, Firewalls and Much More

  • Internet and Interoffice Networks
  • Racks, Switches, Firewalls and Server Installations and Maintenance
  • Quality and Reliable Hardware
  • WiFi Access Points
  • Structured Cabling

If you need to wire a new office or if you need to rewire an existing space, we can travel to your office and determine the best solution for running neat, fast cabling for your entire office. We recommend the right type of cabling for the job, and organize runs of cable to make sure that everything is properly labeled and that a network diagram is provided.

All WiFi access points are determined by the space and material around the WiFi access points. We specialize in getting WiFi throughout all office types with high speed and high reliability. WiFi security and passphrase management is our large concern.

We recommend enterprise-level equipment that is made for the 24/7 operation that is necessary for everyday business.

Removal of old networking cables and recycling of any old equipment during the new installation process is always recommended. Our company is held to the highest standards in recycling old equipment.