All computers need to be cleaned out to help performance and prevent hardware failures.

Hardware and Software Cleanup

Computers should be physically cleaned out every 12 months. If the computers are in a dirty environment or located on the floor, then cleaning should be done every 6 months.

If a computer is running without adequate hardware and software maintenance, their components may fail unexpectedly and/or your system might become slow.

Our highly trained technicians perform the following services while cleaning out a computer

  • Elimination of dust from interior and exterior of the computer, including scrubbing of the system fans and removal of dust from heatsink fins.
  • Take notes on the current internal hardware of the computer and check for faults in any hardware that could be a potential problem.
  • Creating a unique label for the computer with barcode for easy identification.
  • Record of specifications of sensitive components including manufacture date.
  • Using customer's antivirus and current malware protection programs to scan and check for any infections.
  • Installation of our support software for future technical support and remote maintenance.
  • Change system settings for performance.
  • Providing a breakdown of which components should be replaced, if any.
  • We also provide a health report on the current system and recommendations for upgrades or replacement.
  • All software on the machine that is used on a daily basis is checked if it is still supported by the software vendor or if is EOL (End Of Life). Any EOL software should be replaced with newer software.

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