Why should you backup?

  1. Because hardware will eventually fail.
  2. Ransomware does exist and could happen to you.
  3. Security of knowing that your data is safe from disaster.
  4. Because data recovery is really expensive!

What do I need in order to backup my computer files?

  1. External Drive at least twice the capacity of the used data or Cloud Storage.
  2. Backup software of your choosing. If you’re using Windows or Mac, there are free options.
  3. A backup schedule that will leave enough time for your computer to complete the backup.

Should I use an external drive or cloud storage?

Cloud storage is the best way to backup all of your data. We recommend that you use a service like iDrive. External drives and storage are also good for backup; but run the risk of the drive prematurely dying and losing all the data.

If you’re a business, we recommend having both cloud storage (continuous backup) and separate physical backup of all data at least once a year.

When should physical backups be swapped out?

If you’re using external hard drives or mechanical hard drives, we recommend replacing these drives every 3 years.

TIP: You should label your drives with the date that you purchased them. Either with a sharpie or a sticky label. DO NOT USE A POST-IT OR ANYTHING MAGNETIC

What files do I need to backup?

You need to backup all of your data files. These are files that you create that contain your content that is unique to you. Typical files are: documents, pictures, videos, music, desktop, email, attachments, and downloads, etc.

License information for any programs that you install should also be backed up.

System files do not need to be backed up.

When should I backup my files?

Backups should be run daily. Most business typically backup in the evening hours starting around 8:30 PM. Home users should backup in the morning hours, typically around 1 or 2 AM. As long as the computers are on all the time. If the computer is used and then powered off, then incremental backups should be scheduled during operating use.

TIP: Only files that have been changed since the previous backup, will be backed up.

Which software should I use to backup?

Cloud Backup PC or MAC: iDrive Home, iDrive Business, CrashPlan Business, Carbonite Cloud Backup

External Storage Backup (physical hard drive or tape): Windows Backup (PC), Time Machine (MAC), Acronis (PC and MAC)

I don’t know if I am backing up properly? What do I do?

You should contact us for a consultation on your backup needs. We will provide you with the best solution. Contact Us